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Mostly friends only

comment if you want in

roobarb and friends

I thought it was time I had one of these

(deleted comment)

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you're already in, silly!

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did I do it right? or will it drive people potty by always being at the top of their friends' page?
(deleted comment)

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that's odd

Knock Knock Knockin' on roobarb's door

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Hi, I saw you on annie's feeding frenzy and noticed that you are a friend of milly's daughter also. I would like to add you if you would be interested, thank you:)

Re: Knock Knock Knockin' on roobarb's door

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I only added [ profile] millysdaughter recently but I'm glad to meet you :)
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I do like your running Roobarb icon. It takes me back. I can almost hear the theme tune!!

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brilliant isn't it, my daughter did it for me :)

welcome to my journal it's nice to meet you, how did you find me BTW?

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You'd commented on gypsydreamer's blog and a galloping Roobarb was something that just had to be investigated further...

Your daughter's done a brilliant job!! I just smile when I see that green dog lolloping across the space...

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Hi! Thanks for the 'add'! It'll be good to get to know you! :)

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I am really sorry I posted it so late in the day, I had no net, I in LunnDunn, sorry! But i did done not forgot youz! Please check my journal out as soon as you possibly can.

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That's ok, thank you for remembering me in the midst of all your fun :)

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Can we friend? I'll friend you back if you friend me.

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certainly :)

how did you find me?

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- huh?, 29/3/23 ??

at 23:59 ??

aren't all good [ profile] roobarbs asleep at this hour?

- but at least you're getting a little ahead of things, now?

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Saw you posting a comment in [ profile] jaded_jamie's LJ, and, well, I had to click on the Roobarb icon because, well, it's Roobarb! You seem like a pretty decent sort. Want to be friends?

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that sounds good ;)