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I started this journal in March 2003 because I had lost my voice. At the time people wanted to know I was ok but couldn't phone me because I had lost my voice so much I couldn't even whisper. I ended being off work for months, it was quite scary especially as I'm a teacher, I thought I'd never get my voice back. This journal was my main form of communication and still continues to be a major link to friends.

I chat about pretty much anything and everything. My students, my hobbies, tv, books, basically anything that catches my attention. I also list things because I've found if you can see my to do list I am more likely to work on it. These lists range from housework to marking and are usually very boring (sorry). Occasionally I inflict photos on my friends too, these can be of anything, literally anything including paint drying.

sylvesterkaiser As for my nick I just love Roobarb, that mad loonie green dog in my icon. You can find more about him here and here and even watch him here, I recommend this one!

He's not the only animal in my life. On the left you can see Sylvester, our mad, elderly budgie who died shortly before Christmas 2009 aged 15 and 2 months he prefered to walk rather than fly and wasn't sure if he was a human or a dog. He liked to talk with Kaiser (on the right) whenever he popped round for a visit. We believe Kaiser is a rare elephant, tigger cross who'll do anything for a pressie. Though kaiserdad swears he's a blue doberman.
Thinking about how they walk I think there may be some cheetah in him too, he tows kaiserdad around at a crazy pace.


Recently (start of Feb 2010) our family increased again to include this pretty baby. We have given him the rather aristocratic name of Master Wedgewood Algernon Spick, mostly we call him baby or Wedgewood, he's getting acclimatised and has been out for an explore once or twice.

Also he likes TV apparently, and watches it whenever it's on, odd!


This is my dragon brood, if you click on it you can see all my babies, I'm having fun with these. They occasionally invade my journal so watch out...

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